Friday, October 2, 2015

photo of the day!

Wow! Rick Owens sends his models down like this?!

Leave it to Rick Owens to make Paris Fashion Week all about his own show. Again!
In case you don't remember, it was just at his menswear presentation this year that the designer sent flopping penises down the runway.
Yeah. Cue the jaw dropping!
This time though, his RTW Spring 2016 collection was way more suitable for work — except he decided it was a good idea to have models literally wearing other models as they hit the catwalk.
And if that wasn't weird enough, these models were being worn like backpacks with some strapped across the back, and some the front.
Either way, it was super distracting!
Were they going to fall? What happens when all the blood rushes to their heads??
Everything ended up being fine, but we'll forever have these images ingrained in our brains.

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