Friday, October 2, 2015

Back to Garden of Eden:Naked tennis players fight plans for apartment complex that would directly overlook their courts (photos)

Naturists fight plans for new homes overlooking their five-acre complex
The White House Club (bottom right) in Warlingham, Surrey, hosts 300 enthusiastic naturists (left and top right) including tennis players who love to knock-up in the nude. But they claims a proposed flat complex on a nearby road would make players perfectly visible - with even more startling views from the rooftop. The five-acre naturist paradise includes a dance floor, gym, bar and swimming pool. It even comes complete with a children's playground for nature-loving kids. The club has a membership ranging from
age two to 90 and counts the likes of nurses, teachers and electricians among its ranks.The White House Club made similar objections five years ago over a plan to demolish the nearby three-storey Whyteleafe House to make way for a high-rise complex of 167 flats.
Relaxing: The club has a membership ranging from age two to 90 - including nurses, teachers and electricians
We are concerned about this development, and the potential for overlooking of our club grounds
David Mason, The White House Club
The council eventually granted planning permission in 2011, although that development has not yet gone ahead.

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