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This Australian Teenager girl was reportedly used as a sex slave by ISIS before she was beaten to death-former prisoner reveals!

Samra Kesinovic who fled Austria to join ISIS was used as a sex slave and killedSamra Kesinovic who fled Austria to join ISIS was used as a sex slave and killed
A teenage Austrian girl who fled home to join ISIS was used as a sex slave by the terrorist group before she was beaten to death, a former prisoner has revealed. Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, became 'poster girls' for the death cult after they arrived in Syria in April 2014. They appeared on ISIS websites carrying AK-47s and surrounded by groups of armed men. But by October that year, there were reports Miss Kesinovic wanted to flee having been sickened by the terror group's murders.
....What a tragic waste of a life.It's about time Governments took the movement of people around Europe more seriously. In and Out

Screaming in agony, a young woman caned in front of a cheering crowd just for being near a fellow student

Screaming in agony, a young woman caned in front of a cheering crowd just for being near aAmid the pitiless heat and humidity of the afternoon, a slight young woman from the Indonesian province of Aceh screams in agony as she is thrashed repeatedly with a cane. Her face becomes a mask of pain and humiliation until she collapses forward on to the ground, clutching pitiably at her shoulder. Her 'crime' was to have been found in the company of a fellow undergraduate who was a man but was not a relation. Now, a cheering crowd of hundreds - including many women - watches her punishment, meted out by a huge hooded man. Some of the onlookers can be seen straining to capture the beating and humiliation on their smartphone cameras.... and now we want to ask .....What if a guy who is found in the company of a fellow student who is a woman but is not a relation ... Will he be caned?(mailonline)
would this kind of law bind citizens together or separate them?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Am fed up with the way my mum showed me off like a trophy...Madonna's son Rocco lamented!!!

It seem,The drama between Madonna and her son Rocco continues to circulate like Hollywood movies!coz Madge's son's decision to move in with his dad Guy Ritchie was a relatively easy one to make and the guy's not joking over his decision to be with his father!
Apparently, the Material Girl's flesh-and-blood was SO fed up with his momma's parenting style, which included being dragged around the world on tour to the point he's crying for help.
Well, that doesn't sound too bad!,just that the issues tend to be in series like Nollywood seasonal movies....details after the jump

Nigerian Reggae-Dancehall star Burna Boy signs New Deal As Martell Brand Ambassador...detail shortly!

...we are so happy to hear this,sure we are!....
while some people are planning and working toward a successful 2016,others have started celebrating the year already among those celebrating is Burna Boy "Mr BB"!...The Nigerian Reggae-Dancehall star Burna Boy announced that he is now the official brand ambassador of Martell Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. “Say hello to your official Martell Ambassador,” he wrote on his IG page, celebrating.overjoyed with the outcome the star wrote... “2016 has already begun!!!”...and we're all happy and claim it too!...

New year Resolution: Here's 5 Notable Myths About Breast Sagging That Need To Go Away 2016!...Must Read for All Ladies!!!

Most women experience a sagging or dropping breast at some points in their lives. This is a natural and inevitable process but not without a cause!
Women are often bothered when they breasts begin to sag as they feel it makes them unattractive;funny enough some are caused by the women themselves!
As we all know,a lot of things can contribute to premature sagging of the breast and some have to do with your behavior. So, if you avoid these behaviours, your breasts will be better off.some of the popular cause of breast sagging includes...

Barcelona Hire And Fire Soccer Player On Same Day for posting 'offensive' tweets news! you think its okay for the club to stop him because of past mistakes or errors??

A soccer player's old social media posts came back to haunt him when Spanish champions Barcelona hired and fired him on the same day.
Sergi Guardiola, 24, made the dream move Monday from AD Alcorcon to the Catalan club's B side -- which is renowned for cultivating future international stars -- the Spanish national daily sport newspaper Marca reports.
But tweets posted from his account during the 2013 El Clásico clash between Barcelona and arch rivals Real Madrid were soon unearthed.
They included insults to his new team, its star player Lionel Messi and the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain as a whole...the post reads

Terrorism:Female suicide bombers killed scores in Borno, Adamawa Nigeria!..Graphic warning!!!

Despite the Federal Government’s posture that the military has technically defeated Boko Haram terrorists, female suicide bombers invaded Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, and Madagali in Adamawa State on Sunday and Monday.
President Muhammadu Buhari had, at the weekend, declared that the war against Boko Haram insurgents had been “technically won.” Buhari said the terrorists could no longer mount “conventional attacks” against security forces or population centres. But hours later, the terrorists attacked some Borno villages on Sunday and carried out multiple attacks in Maiduguri and Madagali yesterday. The terror attacks in Borno on Sunday and Monday left 52 people dead while Monday’s attack in Adamawa claimed about 17 lives.

Uhn! Kanye West has just Set a New Record in boxing day for lavishly spoil wifey with plenty of about your hubby did he do the-same to you?

It’s no longer news that American rapper, Kanye West is currently one of the most romantic husbands in the entertainment world.
According to reliable reports, Kim Kardashian reportedly got 150 gifts from her devoted husband, Kanye West on Christmas Day.
The couple, whose net worth  is over $200 million, spoiled themselves with presents as they joined the world in marking the holiday season..and the extravagant nature of the gift giving was revealed in a behind-the-scenes Sister Sunday holiday video shared by Kourtney Kardashian on her app

Kanu Nwankwo’s has the happiest family right nnow!..check out his family's Christmas Photo!

Popular Nigerian international and Arsenal Ex soccer star, Kanu Nwankwo and his wife Amara and their three children have shared their own Christmas photo.
Kanu’s first lady Amara shared the lovely photo(above) of her family via Instagram page and she captioned it: –
Because Darling baby Jesus was born to save us all. Merry Christmas everyone. Cheers. 
dont you like how happy Kanu's family can send your own happy family picture to,and we'll help you publish it free to our viewer all over the world....HURRY NOW!!

President Buhari’s media aide’s sister had reportdlly died on Sunday in an auto accident along Lagos Ibadan express road

Head of Department (HoD) of Dramatic Arts of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Prof. Foluke Ogunleye, is dead. She died in a ghastly motor accident on Sunday.
It was gathered that the accident occurred when the lecturer was on the way from Ibadan to Lagos

Message that says you could win $4.5 million in site's shares is fake-Mark Zuckerberg

I don't know why people keep falling for these things. My goodness! Over and over again, they fall for it
Thousands of people have been duped by a Facebook scam that promises the chance to cash in on the site's billions.
A hoax circulating on Facebook claims Mark Zuckerberg will give those who share the post, along with tagged friends, the chance to win $4.5 million. whwich is proven to be a lie!
The original message reads

this is how it feels as Adults adopted at birth take to Reddit to reveal the heartbreaking moment they met their biological parents-must read!!!

Adults adopted at birth take to Reddit to reveal the moment they met their biological
Some adoptees admitted to feeling regret that they searched for and met their birth parents. One learned the shocking secret of his birth and another said they were happy just 'knowing their names'. Many said there was no bond between them and their parents (bottom right) while one discovered his mother was a 'psycho' (centre right)...its all about how e all grew up,some with parents,others with single parent,but here we just want to feed you with the adopted ones to let you know why there are differences in both the character and the lifestyles of the people we meet in our everyday such,icon360entertainment would like you to forward your personal stories, or articles you felt should be publish free of charge!

Women were forced to have their FACES inked as children 'to look pretty' - and are now wracked with guilt after being told markings are a crime against you see anything wrong in that?

Pain of Algeria's tattooed old ladies who were forced to have their FACES inked
Many like 106-year-old Fatma Tarnouni, (top right) who lives near Batna, Algeria, Fatma Badredine, 94, (left) and Djemaa Daoudi, 90 (bottom right) submitted to facial tattoos decades ago in line with the fashion of the time. But now, as religious thought has changed, many believe the markings are a crime against Islam, the shame of which has led many tattooed women to give away their possessions and live a life of shame in an attempt to atone.but some are not in agreement with that as they felt it has nothing to do with the tpye of God they serve... you think tattoo or marking your body with ink is a sin?..please send in your opinion in the space below...

86 years old man is said to have killed wife 81 saying he did it because he couldn't cope with her dementia

Ronald King shoots dead wife Rita in De La Mer House in Essex
An elderly dementia patient was shot dead in her care home by her one-armed husband who was staying with her over Christmas. Rita King, 81, was gunned down in front of frail residents by spouse Ronald, 86, who mumbled 'she has had enough' before pulling the trigger. The couple are understood to be childless and the strain of looking after his wife had taken its toll on Mr King. One neighbour said he simply 'could not cope', while another said he was 'under great stress'. Questions were raised over how Mr King, who has been arrested on suspicion of murder, was able to smuggle a firearm and live ammunition into the secure care home inside De La Mer House in Walton-on-the-Naze, in Essex.

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Here's a must read news for all Nigerians,male or female.....READ!!!!

I know you've probably heard or read this new before, as such there's no point compelling you to look at it,just that i feel you should just take a glance through meditatively and imagine how many lives  would have been lost if Nigerian security force were not working,as such i'd like us to revisit this and in the end show appreciation to God and to our security men in this country for averting what would have become a major blow to this country Nigeria...cos the beauty and growth we need in this country would only come when the citizens are alive and think on that as we introduce you to how many times intended attacks on the innocent civilians have been averted by our security men in Nigeria. 
 in the news earlier reported by the Nigerian sun,it says SOLDIERS have once again arrested  about seven members of Boko Haram who planned to carry out an attack on Ka­duna, during the Christmas celebrations.
The terrorists, who are also said to be experts, were arrested after a planned surveillance

Uhn!...see how North West rode on Kanye's shoulder in Calabasas....don't you think,having a kid is a good thing?

Kanye West is a fun dad, at least if you ask North West.
North had a big grin as she rode on Kanye's shoulders after a meal in Calabasas.
Kim was nowhere in sight ... probably because she's got a new kid...see more pics after the jump

Here's a unique video on How to Open A Champagne Bottle This New Year’s Eve With Just A Spoon...must watch!!

This New Year’s Eve, look like you’ve got some idea what you’re doing around liquor by incorporating the Saber technique to open a champagne bottle.
This video explains the simple technique and demonstrates with a spoon and a butter knife. Opt for the spoon. No reason to add more danger to an already tricky maneuver.
It’s one thing to pop a stranger in the face with a cork but it’s a whole other level of fail if you accidentally stab the guy in the eye too.!

Inspirational: find out how much money best-selling author David Sedaris makes per day even though he found his success relatively late in life!

David Sedaris, the best-selling humorist, revealed he earns $2 million per year. 
Sedaris made the revelation on a podcast hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. Sedaris is the best-selling author of 8 books, writes for The New Yorker, and does speaking tours around the country. 
During the podcast, Sedaris talked about doing book signings, and at his signings he gives people a lot of attention, talking to them about their lives. He asks somewhat invasive questions like how much they make, or how much they paid for their homes, because he thinks it's amusing.
Black used that as an opportunity to ask him how much he makes in a year,to our greatest surprise here's what he said plus how he turned millionaire by doing a very simple thing in a big way,stay with us for full details after the cut

I never thought about being pop and R&B and all these different categories. I just wanted to be music and wanted everybody to love my music. I don’t care what color they are.coz I didn’t write my music for no particular color.”-R.kelly

With his latest album not selling as much as you would think, R. Kelly is appealing to fans to support him while touching on the issue of them not supporting his musical endeavors.The singer’s situation comes amid news of him walking out of an interview he did with HuffPost Live after he was questioned about past allegations of sexual assault. As a result, Kelly became a trending topic nationwide on Twitter on Monday (Dec. 21).
unfortunately,his walkout apparently didn’t do him any favors... this is because,The entertainer’s 13th studio effort, “The Buffet,” is having a rough time commercially since it’s release on Dec. 11 as sales have been slow compared to his 2013 album “Black Panties.”
With that, Kelly took to Facebook recently in an effort to get music fans to invest in “The Buffet.”....and its kinda funny!....get the full details plus how frustrated he's become after the jump

Exclusive:I certainly want to comply with the word....Bishop T.D Jakes responded to his critics over wearing of Ripped jeans to Church

Every preacher has his or her fair share of people waiting for him or her to slip up...And Bishop T.D. Jakes is no exception as he personally responded to a “critic” who questioned a ripped jeans he wore in one of his Instagram photos.
Taking to Jakes’ Instagram page, provided the following commentary....
Bishop TD Jakes was in church yesterday in this ripped jeans.
Only for a ‘concerned’ fan to lash out at him, after Bishop posted the
photos on Instagram, that he is supposed to be leading by example and
not wearing ripped jeans to the altar as it is worldly. Do you see
anything wrong with Bishop Jakes’ attire? Here's how he replied the fan...
of which we assumed he shouldn't have responded,all the same find out his complete statement after the jump

Sunday, December 27, 2015

we have defeated Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS, ISIL or Daesh Iraqi Army Declares Victory over terror group!

 Iraq's army said on Sunday it had defeated Islamic State fighters in a provincial capital west of Baghdad, noted as the first major victory for the US-trained force since it collapsed in the face of an assault by the militants 18 months ago.
According to ndtv report,the Victory in Ramadi, capital of mainly Sunni-Muslim Anbar province in the Euphrates River valley west of the capital, deprives Islamic State militants of their biggest prize of 2015 as the fighters captured it

I want my wife to be tall and black,because am short and i don't like white women-Jude Abaga (aka MI) ...find out why,only on icon360blog!

it seems marrying white woman or light skinned lady is an abomination to those who come from chocolate city,we don't know about Ice prince,but i think Mr incredible aka MI is not a fan of white or light skinned women and he has his reasons....
According to reports by scoop,it say Veteran Nigerian rapper, M.I has revealed that before he would take a light skinned lady as a wife, he would need to see a picture of her as a child just to make sure she is naturally fair and not artificial.
In a manner corresponding to him, most girls have bleached their skins for so long that it almost looks natural.
He said “ Talking about the physical side of what I want in a woman, I want my children to be tall, so, she must be tall because

Thanks To Diddy & French Montana for feeding the less privileged

Diddy French Montana charity
Kudos to Diddy for putting smiles on the faces of the needy
French Montana and Diddy were extra generous this holiday. The Bad Boy mogul gave his protege a $1 million bonus for his hard work this year and making the label a lot of money.
Instead of pocketing the money, French Montana donated 100% of it to a charity that he started in Bronx. The foundation was started by Montana to help schools and little children in the area, TMZ reported

here's the most comprehensive report on how Donkey Cartel died,be the first to know!

DOnkey Cartel dead
Aspiring rapper Donkey Cartel was shot and killed by a police officer during a mall confrontation on Christmas Eve.
WSBTV reported that Cartel, whose real name is Daquan Antonio Westbrook, was shot at the Northlake Mall in North Carolina after pointing a gun at an off duty police officer.
According to Urban island,Donkey Cartel was pronounced dead at the scene.
and that the actual cause of his death is.

We're Keeping Each Other Sober,Chris Brown & Scott Disick

Scott Disick and Chris Brown seem like a bad combo ... they've both struggled with substance abuse yet they've been hanging out ... but they claim they've actually become each other's support system.
We're told the 2 have become fast friends and have bonded over water ... and lots of it. Scott and Chris both insist that's all they drank when they went clubbing together a few days back at 1OAK.
They actually have a lot in common.  Both of their baby mamas have called them out for drugs and/or booze and have threatened to get a judge to yank access to the kids.
We're told Chris has pulled back in a big way since Mia Guzman put him under the microscope, and Scott's faced the same issues with Kourtney.  It sounds weird and maybe it's a pipe dream, but they both think each can help the other stay strong and sober.see the summarry in the video below

Exclusive :How I met My Husband-Mrs T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua’s wife, Evelyn, wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s happy her children are doing quite well and their father “is a great man”. They’ve been together for 25 blissful years. Lately, she celebrated her 47th birthday which she said was fun. In this interview with Sunday Sun, she reflects on her life with the man of God and con­cluded it’s been worth it and gives Almighty God the glory. Excerpts:
How are you today?
I’m fine…
I can see that you are happy and excited that your daughter, Sarah, was called to the bar today. But in a nutshell, just express your feelings.
I am very happy; it’s the desire of many parents to see their children succeed. I am happy she’s taking this step; she’s work­ing hard towards her destiny, so it’s a great day for me and for her too.
Okay, do you know so many people don’t know that Prophet T.B Joshua has a wife let alone children? So, can you talk about the family?

We need someone like Pastor Adeboye to rule this country-Nice

9ice revealed that contesting in the last elections was an experience for him even though he did not win.The singer who contested for a seat at the Oyo State House of Assembly, in an interview with Punch stated this.
“When I got into politics I realised that whatever level you attain in life, there are people who are more successful. If you think you are the richest man alive, politics would teach you that there are richer men on earth. There are a lot of things that need to be done and a lot of wrongs that need to be right. We need someone like a prophet to lead this country. We need someone with the fear of God. It goes beyond having a degree; we need leaders with the fear of God. We need someone like Pastor Adeboye to rule this country

Saturday, December 26, 2015

3 students on their way to join ISIS arrested in Nagpur,Afghanistan find out how it all happened here!

Re-reporting this news reaching us from India,icon360blog has learnt that,no fewer than Three students from Hyderabad were arrested at Nagpur's Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport while they were on their way to join the banned terror organisation - ISIS.
The men were held in a joint operation conducted by the Telangana Police and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). The arrested men were said to be headed for Afghanistan


As paytv market competition continues to witness marketing strategies among its operators to attract more customers,the jungles among them has become matured within a space of time and the momentum gathered seems to be accelerating higher than ever!...the actual truth about this is that, operators like DSTV,GOTV,STRONG etc are the proverbial under dog but Startimes seems to be catching up on the giant  with them in recent times, like GoTv which derives its edge from its parent company (Multi choice) and big sister DSTV.
But as it stands, it seems that the proverbial under dog in this case is beginning to gather momentum and giving the latter a run for its money

World's Most Obese Man is dead,details HERE!

World's Most Obese Man Dies After Weight-Loss Surgery
A man believed to be the world's most obese died on Friday in Mexico, barely two months after undergoing a weight-loss surgery.
Andres Moreno, 38, died of a heart attack and peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal lining) in Ciudad Obregon, in Sonora state, his family said.
Moreno, who at one time tipped the scales at 450 kilos, had bariatric surgery on October 28, in Guadalajara, Jalisco state, in hopes of shedding the excess weight and leading a normal life

Inspirational: Their Christmas plans were washed away in floods that left their homes in ruins. But read how the families defiantly celebrated yesterday and marvel at their unbreakable spirit!!!

How these families celebrated Christmas after floods that left their homes in ruins
this is what we called perfect peace or better still you can say "joy unspeakable" any wise way you are still right in line with our intentions here...."memba the real definition of peace according to ― Sheila Walsh? she said and i quote.... “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ.”and Christmas is the birth of Christ!
Well,in the news we learnt,Catherine MacDiarmid, centre right, pictured with her children Suzi, left, Zach and Marcus, right have been forced to move to her mother's home in Kendal while their nearby home dries out, inset. While Margaret McCracken, bottom left, was dramatically rescued from her home on the bonnet of a Land Rover, top left, They have all been forced to move out of their homes as a result of the floods, but they all vowed not to let the disaster ruin their Christmas...see photos and full details of how their Christmas was celebrated after the jump

Do you think Rocco doesnt want to stay with mum Madonna for nothing?....find out the possible reason or reasons HERE!

Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie 'refused to join her for Christmas in New York'
Are these overbearing photos the reason why Rocco refuses to live with Madonna in New York? Teen, 15, is 'fed-up after working backstage on singer's two month tour'!!!...
From photo evidence,we could peep into Rocco's heard to feel what the young chap is feeling that made him wish to stay with dad instead of moma,report had it that,The 15-year-old who has accompanied his mother for much of the tour across the US and Canada, where he worked backstage is said to have grown upset with being on the road for two months. The exact source of Rocco's frustration is not clear but Madonna (pictured together, inset) has posted numerous pictures and videos of him on Instagram that could have caused him embarrassment

Uhn!..what a wonderful president,see how Turkish president Erdogan stops this man from committing suicides...don't you think He's God sent?!...pls Read!!

Recep Erdogan 'talks down man trying to jump off Bosphorus Bridge' 
The unnamed man was thought to be preparing to jump (left) when Recep Erdogan's motorcade was passing over the 211ft-tall bridge, which links Europe with Asia, after Friday prayers. News footage showed Erdogan's bodyguards bringing the sobbing man (inset top right), who appeared to be in his early 30s, to talk to him through the window of his car (inset bottom right). After a few moments, the man can then be seen kissing Erdogan's hand before being escorted to safety. Police had allegedly been trying for almost two hours to talk the man out of committing suicide....
isn't the incident dramatical for a president to stop,come out his executive ride to saving a man from committing suicides....assuming he didnt pass this road what would have been the story of this man today?...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Here;s the most comprehensive history and origin of Boxing Day,the meaning and how it came about-must read!!!!

For most people around the world, the day after Christmas, Dec. 26, is just like any other day. But for Brits, Australians and people in former British colonies — we get a bonus holiday.
It's called Boxing Day, and it is when people in these countries have the sudden urge to spend lots of money on things they may not need, watch a lot of sport, and figure out what to do with their leftovers.
To those who have no idea what this misunderstood holiday is, here's a rundown

Here's one of The Most Talked About Photos Of 2015,especially Khloe Kardashian confessions about her recent makeup...Must read!

 “I’m North’s first makeup client,” the Strong Looks Better Naked author, 31, captioned the sweet snap of older sister Kim Kardashian’s 2-year-old daughter putting lipstick on her face. In another snap, Khloe posed in a green Katy Perry Christmas onesie with older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s 6-year-old son, Mason Disick.
Kim livestreamed from Kourtney's house on Christmas morning, which showed the family, including

See how Steve Harvey Pokes Fun Of His Miss Universe Gaffe With Funny Christmas Day Tweet...LOLZ!!

Last week, Steve Harvey completely botched the Miss Universe pageant after announcing the wrong winner with the award.
Today, Harvey proved that he still had a sense of humor by poking fun of himself on Christmas with this tweet....check out the funny post after the jump

Inspirational:Here comes another Bill Gates and Mack get detail of what am talking about,please read the entire story!

William and Benjamin Barkoff
'Tis the season of love and goodwill to men, and so we bring you the heartwarming story of 13-year-old William Barkoff and his 11-year-old brother, Benjamin.
These two kid coders helped 30 wounded veterans get the gift of a lifetime: a chance at a new career in IT as a programmer.
This is the latest project the boys have done in seven years of fund raising for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps veterans returning from war adjust to civilian life.
Through everything from lemonade stands, to giving up their holiday and birthday presents in lieu of donations, to organizing 5K races, the boys have raised $10,000 for the organization

what is wrong about decorating my house to suite me and my family? answer that question please see what happened in Florida!!!

News reaching us says a man spends months decorating their home for Christmas. They put together an elaborate display that turns their property into an amusement park of sorts.
That display has now led to the Hyatts being faced with a lawsuit from the city, which wants to shut off their lights. City officials said that the display's "carnival like" atmosphere doesn't mesh with the city, and some neighbors have complained about the large crowds it draws.
"Why would you want to destroy something so beautiful and magical like Christmas?" Aaron Sykes, a visitor to the display, told Reuters.
The trial is set for video after the jump

Indeed The Nigerian security is doing exceptionally well see the reasons why after reading this!!!!

Thousands of Muslims celebrating Maulud, the birthday of holy Prophet Muhammad, on Thursday escaped what would have possibly been an all-time record calamity, had some eagled-eyed vigilante operatives not intercepted five food flasks filled with bombs outside a popular Maiduguri mosque.
Five suspects believed to be members of Boko Haram loaded five big food flasks (known as coolers) on a hand-pushed cart and headed for Medinatu Mosques in the heart of Maiduguri, Borno state, where adherents of the Tijjaniya Islamic sect were marking the Maulud Nabiyi.
Fortunately, they were arrested before they got to their destination

see how joblessness pushed these people to drug business,now they''re in a big mess!!!


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has intercepted a truck load of cannabis sativa packaged as biscuits and cheese balls.
The 3,542.25kg bags of drug were impounded at the Odeda axis of Ijebu-Igbo in Ijebu North Local Government in Ogun State.
Ihenacho Chinweuba (27) and Uche Enuosa (33) were arrested.
During the arrest,NDLEA State Commander Bala Fagge said the shipment was meant for consumption in Ogun and Lagos states

'Like mother, like daughter': Kylie and Kris Jenner Christmas Post by the Kardashians!!!..

Christmas spirit: Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve party the momager made sure to show a united front with her youngest daughter Kylie
It is one of the biggest Kardashian events of the year.
And for Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve party the momager made sure to show a united front with her youngest daughter Kylie.
The 60-year-old coordinated with the 18-year-old in Balmain mini-dresses at the festive gathering.
Kris wore red while Kylie went green, proving they were in the holiday spirit wearing the colours of Christmas.
Proud of the coordinated effort, the youngest of the clan posted a snap of her and Kris posing together at the party with the caption: 'Like mother like daughter'

More Than 100 Killed by Gas Truck Fire in Southeastern Nigeria

Report from the Southeastern part of Nigeria says,A gas tanker truck ignited an inferno at a crowded industrial gas plant in Nigeria on Thursday, killing more than 100 people lining up to refill their cooking gas cylinders in time for Christmas.
The disaster took place in Nnewi, a predominantly Christian community in southeast Nigeria. By the time firefighters managed to put out the blaze, an Associated Press reporter counted the charred remains of more than 100 corpses

British woman who was born in Syria' - even though she left at age FOUR was denied of visa to Australia.

UK citizen Zahra Ramadani born in Syria denied Australia visa
The Syrian-born British woman whose picture appeared here claims she has been denied entry into Australia without any explanation. London resident Zahra Ramadani, 30, left Syria at the age of four and is questioning why she has not been granted a visa for her planned two week holiday to Australia, despite her friend being allowed entry. She claims her initial application for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was successful, but the High Commission later informed her it had been revoked and she wasn't eligible for an Australian visa when she tried to check into her flight. 
....putting yourself in her shoes,what would you have done to make your visa successful?

This lookalike between Taylor Swift's 21-year-old lookalike cousin is making us think,they're identical twins

Taylor Swift's 21-year-old lookalike cousin Taylor Rae
There's no shaking off this lookalike!
Taylor Swift (right and center), 21, is the second cousin of the famous Blank Space singer (left). The Maryland native currently attends Oberlin college, where she is studying politics. She recently shared in an interview that she didn't even know that her now-famous cousin existed until she was in fifth grade, before the Grammy winner became a star. They've never met, even though their fathers are first cousins. However, the famous Taylor's parents did bring the younger Taylor backstage at the 1989 tour - which she bought tickets to herself. The college student says that even though she doesn't want tot change her name, she hates constantly having to deal with people's jokes and remarks. you think they're twins or just lookalike?

Apple wants $179 million more from Samsung after patent fight

Just over a week after Samsung paid Apple more than $548 million for infringing the patents and designs of the iPhone, Apple has asked a U.S. court to force its biggest smartphone rival to cough up even more.
In court papers filed on Wednesday, Apple said Samsung owes nearly $180 million in supplemental damages and interest.
These further damages relate to five Samsung devices that infringed Apple's patents and were sold after a 2012 jury verdict finding Samsung liable in the dispute.
Representatives for Samsung and Apple could not immediately be reached for comment

icon360blog xmas message:This is our Christmas message to you wonderful viewers!

The management and staff of icon-360-entertainment  is using this medium to Wish all our viewers peace and love this holiday season. our prayer is,May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to us by visiting icon360blog....Season’s Greetings to you wonderful and valuable viewers we love you and wish you the very best in this season of love and joy! Be sure to take some time out of your busy life to enjoy the magic of the holidays this season.once again,merry Christmas!!!

Janet Jackson Postponed U.S. Tour To Undergo Surgery!

We just hope she's alright!
As we reported in October, Janet Jackson was forced to reschedule several concert dates of her Unbreakable World Tour due to vocal strain.
Well it looks like her health has only gotten worse.
On Thursday, the legendary singer took to Twitter to announce she will postpone the rest of her tour until the spring to undergo surgery!!
The Rhythm Nation star wrote :
"Hey you guys… Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I need you to