Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Am fed up with the way my mum showed me off like a trophy...Madonna's son Rocco lamented!!!

It seem,The drama between Madonna and her son Rocco continues to circulate like Hollywood movies!coz Madge's son's decision to move in with his dad Guy Ritchie was a relatively easy one to make and the guy's not joking over his decision to be with his father!
Apparently, the Material Girl's flesh-and-blood was SO fed up with his momma's parenting style, which included being dragged around the world on tour to the point he's crying for help.
Well, that doesn't sound too bad!,just that the issues tend to be in series like Nollywood seasonal movies....details after the jump

On Tuesday, more telling details revealed that things between Madonna and her 15-year-old have been rocky for some time. One source shared:
"There were horrible, full-blown fights with screaming and crying."
 which to us is  just  a confirmations of  earlier reports of their heated estrangement.
madonna rocco feud
Not to mention, Rocco's recent escape comes shortly after his attempt to leave mom's tour during the Stockholm leg of the production.
It's said that the youngster was a no-show when the private plane was ready to take off, and had attempted to make a run for it....Luckily, he did come back that time.
According to another source, the straw that broke the camel's back was when Rocco told his dad he was fed up with the way his mother showed him off like a trophy, not her son.
Supposedly, the teenager's convinced that the pop icon is simply jealous of his filmmaker father for having a "stable life" and because he wants to live with Guy. How sad!
The whole family has been ordered back to NYC for a custody hearing. It'll certainly be inneresting to see if Rocco gets his way.
Stay with us for more!....

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