Tuesday, December 29, 2015

this is how it feels as Adults adopted at birth take to Reddit to reveal the heartbreaking moment they met their biological parents-must read!!!

Adults adopted at birth take to Reddit to reveal the moment they met their biological
Some adoptees admitted to feeling regret that they searched for and met their birth parents. One learned the shocking secret of his birth and another said they were happy just 'knowing their names'. Many said there was no bond between them and their parents (bottom right) while one discovered his mother was a 'psycho' (centre right)...its all about how e all grew up,some with parents,others with single parent,but here we just want to feed you with the adopted ones to let you know why there are differences in both the character and the lifestyles of the people we meet in our everyday life...as such,icon360entertainment would like you to forward your personal stories, or articles you felt should be publish to:icon360blog@gmail.com free of charge!
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