Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Women were forced to have their FACES inked as children 'to look pretty' - and are now wracked with guilt after being told markings are a crime against Islam.....do you see anything wrong in that?

Pain of Algeria's tattooed old ladies who were forced to have their FACES inked
Many like 106-year-old Fatma Tarnouni, (top right) who lives near Batna, Algeria, Fatma Badredine, 94, (left) and Djemaa Daoudi, 90 (bottom right) submitted to facial tattoos decades ago in line with the fashion of the time. But now, as religious thought has changed, many believe the markings are a crime against Islam, the shame of which has led many tattooed women to give away their possessions and live a life of shame in an attempt to atone.but some are not in agreement with that as they felt it has nothing to do with the tpye of God they serve...
....do you think tattoo or marking your body with ink is a sin?..please send in your opinion in the space below...

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