Thursday, February 5, 2015

This is a must read strange news!!!!....Grandfather left his six-year-old granddaughter as a deposit after 'forgetting his wallet' at Chinese bath house...


The girl, called Siyao, turned up at the facility in the city of Kunming in south western China's Yunnan province after her grandfather announced he wanted a good wash in a warm bath. But after announcing that he had forgotten his wallet, he left the little girl as a deposit as he went to home to get his money. However, a month on, he has failed to return and Siyao is still living in the bath house.... and she's still there a MONTH later as he hasn't settled his bill
...abeg help us describe what would have been you reaction to this if you were the parent of the little poor child!

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, 90, trips on podium steps after being greeted by adoring supporters

Robert Mugabe, who has been president of Zimbabwe since 1987, had been talking to supporters at Harare International Airport, who had gathered to welcome the leader back from a trip to Ethiopia - where he had been elected chairman of the 54-state African Nation. But the 90-year-old was captured taking a tumble (pictured) as he walked down some steps by press photographers, who were reportedly forced to delete the images by his security personnel. Mugabe's spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

The world's luckiest taxi driver,The man who cheats death after Taiwan plane clipped his car before plunging into river killing 31

The taxi driver, named as Mr Zhou, scrambled from the wreckage of his car with serious injuries after his car was crushed by the plane in Taipei, Taiwan. Flight 235 with 58 people aboard - many of them travellers from China - banked sharply on its side on Wednesday shortly after takeoff from Taipei, smashing into a highway bridge and then plunging into the Keelung River below. Mr Zhou, who is said to have a heart condition, reportedly clambered from his vehicle before admitting: 'I am lucky to be alive'.

Here's the chronicles of Stars who have married their sisters! (Or at least women who look VERY like them)

Jermaine JacksonLa Toyah JacksonHalima Rashid
I think every man and woman or earth has a carbon copy of one another,it may not be so to you but with the rwcord here it's obvious that we are in a way a carbon copy to some one some where just as these stars has given us the real proof,so check this out