Thursday, February 5, 2015

The world's luckiest taxi driver,The man who cheats death after Taiwan plane clipped his car before plunging into river killing 31

The taxi driver, named as Mr Zhou, scrambled from the wreckage of his car with serious injuries after his car was crushed by the plane in Taipei, Taiwan. Flight 235 with 58 people aboard - many of them travellers from China - banked sharply on its side on Wednesday shortly after takeoff from Taipei, smashing into a highway bridge and then plunging into the Keelung River below. Mr Zhou, who is said to have a heart condition, reportedly clambered from his vehicle before admitting: 'I am lucky to be alive'.

Smash: Terrifying pictures have emerged of a passenger plane with 58 people on board plunging into a river near Taiwan's capital Taipei after clipping a bridge on the freeway 

At least 25 people were killed in the crash, which happened just three minutes after the plane took off from a Taipei airport. 
While the survivors receive medical attention and counselling following the horrifying incident, emergency workers continue to look for 18 people who are still not accounted for as night falls on the crash site. 
Cranes have been used to remove part of the fuselage from the river, which was lying half submerged. 
Fire department officials have confirmed that 14 of the fatalities died at the scene while the others died as a result of their injuries before they reached a hospital,The Strait Times reports. 

Safe: The toddler and a Taiwanese official rush to safety once they reach dry land, after the little boy is rescued from the plane which crashed into the Keeling River in Taipai, Taiwan's capital city

Miracle: A rescue worker hands over a two-year-old boy after survivor a devastating plane crash in Taiwan. The aircraft clipped a motorway shortly after take off and crashed into the Keeling River

Assistance: An injured passenger is helped onto land by emergency personnel along the river bank. Amongst those rescued are four children 
Assistance: An injured passenger is helped onto land by emergency personnel along the river bank. Amongst those rescued are four children

Passengers' belongings are placed in front of the wreckage of the TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop plane on the Keelung river bank outside Taiwan's capital Taipei

The other 18 passengers are believed to be still trapped inside the TransAsia Airways GE235 plane as the rescue operation on the Keeling River in the capital city of Taipei continues.
Terrifying footage of the disaster, filmed by a passing motorist's dashboard camera, has emerged and shows the ATR 72-600 turboprop domestic flight, reportedly with 58 people on board, plunging into the water only three minutes after taking off from Songshan airport which was 5km away. 
Speaking earlier today Wu Jun-hong, a Taipei Fire Department official who was coordinating the rescue, said the missing people were believed to still be in the fuselage, blocked from the entrance by interior wreckage, or had been pulled downriver.

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