Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here's the chronicles of Stars who have married their sisters! (Or at least women who look VERY like them)

Jermaine JacksonLa Toyah JacksonHalima Rashid
I think every man and woman or earth has a carbon copy of one another,it may not be so to you but with the rwcord here it's obvious that we are in a way a carbon copy to some one some where just as these stars has given us the real proof,so check this out

The Mail revealed this week that the Duchess of Cambridge's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, (top left) had posted a picture on social media of his wife Julie-Ann (top row, third from left) that bore a remarkable resemblance to his sister - Kate's mum Carole Middleton (top row, second from left). But then he's not the only famous face to have married his sister. Financier Ben Goldsmith's (top row, third from right) second wife (top right corner) not only looks like sister Jemima Khan (top row, second from right) - she is also named Jemima. While Ex-TOWIE hunk Mark Wright's (bottom row, third from right) bride-to-be, Corrie Star Michelle Keegan (bottom right corner) looks a lot like his sister Jessica (bottom row, second from right). Bottom left, Tamed lothario Warren Beatty (corner) his fiery sister Shirley MacLaine (centre) and his wife of 23 years Annette Bening (right). Hollywood star Jude Law is pictured middle row, third from right, next to his talented artist sister Natasha Law (middle row second from right) and former wife Sadie Frost (middle row right). Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom is pictured left in the middle row next to sister Samantha and his estranged wife, model Miranda Kerr (middle row, third from left).

Gary GoldsmithCarole MiddletonHis wife Julie-Ann

Fourth time lucky: Gary Goldsmith (left) went for the Carole Middleton (centre) look in wife No 4 Julie-Ann (right)

Orlando BloomSamantha BloomMiranda Kerr
Lord of the dead ringers: Tolkien star Orlando Bloom, left, sister Samantha, centre, and his estranged wife, model Miranda Kerr, right
Ben GoldsmithJemima KhanJemima Jones
Double your money: Ben Goldsmith’s (left) second wife (right) not only looks like sister Jemima Khan (centre) - she is also named Jemima
Warren BeattyShirley MacLaineAnnette Bening
Star-struck: Tamed lothario Warren Beatty, left, his fiery sister Shirley MacLaine, centre, and his wife of 23 years Annette Bening, ri
Sam BransonHolly BransonIsabella Calthorpe
Virgin on the ridiculous: Richard Branson’s boy Sam, left, sister Holly, centre, and Sam’s wife Isabella Calthorpe, right
Mark WrightJessica WrightMichelle Keegan
The only way is brunette: Ex-TOWIE hunk Mark Wright, left, sister Jessica, centre, and his bride-to-be, Corrie star Michelle Keegan, right
Jermaine JacksonLa Toyah JacksonHalima Rashid
Got to be her: Jackson Five and Celebrity Big Brother’s Jermaine, left, La Toyah Jackson, centre and his wife Halima Rashid, right there any resemblance between these peoples's wives and sisters to to you?''if not try and have a second look at them and let us know how you feel about this post.

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