Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here's The list of all the Best Red Carpet Hairstyles Of 2014!.....take a look!!!!

Best celebrity hairdos of 2014!
It's been a fabulous year for hair!
Celebrity hairstylists have been working HARD getting their clients to look as perfectly coiffed as possible!
Here are our favorites for some of the best red carpet hairdos of the year!
2015 has big shoes to fill!

The 7 most joyful viral videos of 2014.....must watch!!!!

Sit back, watch these, feel happy. You can thank us later.

Sierra Leone’s Christmas .....the untold stories that could almost move you to tears!

The northern part of Sierra Leone is in almost total lockdown to help prevent the spread of Ebola.
For the next three days almost all public gatherings are banned and only vehicles related to treating the virus will be allowed on roads.
Markets will be closed for up to five days and the measures apply to all Christian and Muslim services.

Christmas special report:Welcome to Bethlehem, where Palestinian Santas are tear-gassed

This was the scene in Bethlehem earlier as Palestinian protesters, some of whom were dressed as Father Christmas, clashed with Israeli security forces...see more photos after the cut

is it true that Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Want Idris Elba To Play James Bond Because He's Black!?!....See What He Said About The Casting HERE!

rush limbaugh says something racist no one is surprised
Well this is certainly surprising, Rush Limbaugh saying something awful!
Just kidding, we're not even 0.000001% surprised by this statement.
The rumors swirling about the future of the James Bond franchise show that Idris Elba could be the next actor to play the iconic spy.
Which is so freakin' AWESOME and would be absolutely brilliant casting.
Except Rush doesn't think so. He said

My message to you wonderful viewer

Christmas brings family and friends together. It helps us appreciate the love in our lives we often take for granted.But my prayer for all of you my wonderful viewer is , May the true meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings