Thursday, October 8, 2015

Woman shares her engagement picture on Facebook - and accidentally includes a PREGNANCY TEST in the image

Woman shares her engagement picture on Facebook - and accidentally includes a PREGNANCY
Bride-to-be Miranda Levy is seen proudly flaunting her ring in the snap while a used pregnancy test is pictured in the left-hand corner. Many of her Facebook friends - including her father - expressed confusion about the photo, which she at first did not understand. Eventually, Miranda announced she was pregnant as you think she did it intentionally or it was a real mistake? you suggest they continue like this or go for a wedding while pregnant?..please air your views

What does Katy Perry want in her man? the first to know!

Katy Perry
Turns out bad hygiene is not part of Katy Perry's teenage dream. And don't even think about waxing!
Katy Kat opened up to Glamour mag about her favorite beauty products recently, and more importantly, her thoughts on how her ideal man should take care of himself.hmmm...serious standard here!..
When asked how the 30-year-old songstress likes her men groomed, she shared

Messi and his father Jorge are accused of defrauding Spain of more than €4m

Argentina and Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi and his father should stand trial on tax fraud charges, a court in Spain has ruled.
The judge in charge of the case rejected the request by prosecutors to drop the charges against the striker.
Messi and his father Jorge are accused of defrauding Spain of more than €4m (£3.1m; $5m)

Tom Cruise has had ENOUGH of Hollywood!.Wants to know why he's Leaving ?....Find Out

Tom Cruise Is MOVING!....but  Why  Does He Wants To Leave Hollywood???
Well,A source just reveals the 53-year-old is selling his Southern California property because he just doesn't want to live in this city anymore!
"Tom hates living in L.A. and is relocating to Florida. He thinks all the people in Hollywood are fake."
Why Florida? We know that's a hot spot for a lot of people once they retire, but we're positive the actor isn't finished with filmmaking quite yet!
So what's the big idea?

Malika Haqq Arrested For DUI Following A Car Crash in California

Malika Haqq gets busted for DUI!

Khloe Kardashian's Best Female Friend, Malika Haqq, was arrested for a DUI after crashing her car on El Lay's 101 freeway!
According to law enforcement sources, the reality TV star's car accident happened at about 3 a.m. on Thursday morning. Afterwards, the Dash Doll was given a sobriety test, which she failed.
In fact, the California Highway Patrol report cites Malika as having "objective symptoms of intoxication." She was believed to be under the influence of alcohol, and was arrested.
Ugh. So irresponsible to get behind the wheel like that.
Apparently Malika was coming from

Here's How to get LONG hair SUPER FAST with simple things that you can get withing your neighborhood (Natural Home Remedy)

 Becaus we are ready and willing to give you the best on this blog,we kinda want to Start off by showing you how your hair can really grow longer in just matter of days,as a result of that we've carefully assembled this tips for you,and to take us further in the training,here are all the ingredients you will need for this hair mask

R&B singer Rihanna has Finally Reveals Her Album Cover Art,isn't it interesting peeps?

rihanna new album cover released artwork

We can't wait!
We absolutely LOVE us some Rihanna! That's why we were so excited to find out she just announced her new album title and revealed its cover art!
Wednesday night at a private party at MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles, the 27-year-old singer showed off huge paintings of what will be the cover art to her upcoming eighth album!
RiRi announced at the event — and later on Instagram — that the album is titled Anti (R8 was always just a placeholder).
The powerful, expressionistic cover art shows her as a child holding a balloon and wearing a gold crown that covers her eyes.
Ch-ch-check out the striking images — as well as a post explaining what the title of her album means (below)!


From a female LIB reader
2 days ago,a young beautiful beloved friend of mine whom I love so much sent this personal story of herself which came up as a result of how one of her friends was bullied and shamed because she's fat; on taking a close look at the  situation,we've decided to  make it public so that,a lasting solution can be adopted in putting this kind of issues under control especially now now that a lot of young people have died by committing  suicide because of this. 
According to Kelly  she got so upset about the fat shaming(complete story below),because,she'd love to let people know about what words can do to people. Not only about fat shaming but bullying in general. in the process of trying to correct the guy, according to kelly, she  got bitched at because she stuck up for one of her friends the other day when a guy called her "fat". Well yes , kelly was disgusted tho'  but not just because of her friend alone,but, because she's had similar experience earlier,and it wasn't a good experience cos in the end she diabetic in her quest to reduce fat,the question we are now asking is,Since when did being fat or slender become a criteria for socializing ?why consider my body size and not my character?does my body size define my personality? ;to cut the long talk short, here's kelly's true life story:-
My name is Kelly (not real name) am 24 years old i live in Pennsylvania together with my mom dad and my currently running a program in  one of the  institutions in the US;Precisely 5-years ago I started getting called "fat" from different people including people in my family and peers. I was already going through a hard time at that time so that certainly was not helping my situation,due to frustration,out of frustration and depression I started my eating disorder because everything was going out of control, and the only thing I felt I had control of was my weight. I looked in the mirror cried every night times without number and there's no one to talk to, not happy with myself,I

This is truly awful: Couple whose baby was put up for adoption after they were wrongly accused of abuse were warned they may never see the child again

Karrissa Cox and her partner Richard Carter were wrongly accused of abusing their baby (pictured with Ms Cox in 2012). The child was taken into care and then adopted before the couple were clearedFormer soldier Mr Carter (pictured) and Ms Cox maintained their innocence and were finally cleared when a criminal case against them collapsed after new medical evidence showed there were no signs of abuse
A couple who were wrongly accused of abusing their baby now face the 'life sentence' of never seeing their child again after it was adopted before the pair were cleared, their lawyer has said.
Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guildford, Surrey, have launched a bid to win back custody of the child but legal experts warn their attempts may be

this is Heartbreaking!!! imagine how this girl was chop up to death with a power saw by her step brother

Becky sent her friend a final text shortly before she is believed to have been killed at her homeBecky's funeral last year. Her disappearance and death came as a huge shock to the city of Bristol 
The 16-year-old (pictured at her father and step-mother's wedding far right) was suffocated at her home in Bristol by her step-brother Nathan Matthews (far left), before he and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare (second from right) hatched a gruesome plan to dispose of her body, a court heard today. 
Becky Watts was murdered and cut up with a power saw after her step-brother and his girlfriend planned to kidnap her for sex

Former Arsenal star & Super eagle captain Papillo Is Launching A TV Game Show “2 Can Play”

Former Nigerian footballer, Kanu Nwankwo is venturing into another line of business with the launch of a TV game show called “2 Can Play”.
The contestants of the show only need answer ten questions correctly about themselves to win the sum of one million naira and other consolation prizes.
According to Papillo,the door is open for everyone!....