Sunday, December 27, 2015

We need someone like Pastor Adeboye to rule this country-Nice

9ice revealed that contesting in the last elections was an experience for him even though he did not win.The singer who contested for a seat at the Oyo State House of Assembly, in an interview with Punch stated this.
“When I got into politics I realised that whatever level you attain in life, there are people who are more successful. If you think you are the richest man alive, politics would teach you that there are richer men on earth. There are a lot of things that need to be done and a lot of wrongs that need to be right. We need someone like a prophet to lead this country. We need someone with the fear of God. It goes beyond having a degree; we need leaders with the fear of God. We need someone like Pastor Adeboye to rule this country
, besides he is educated and that is a plus. We need someone with good conscience and the fear of God. We don’t have that in Nigeria.”
If he was returning to music because his political career failed.
“It is not true that I am returning to music after failing in my political endeavours. People would always talk. When I went into politics, people said that it was because I was no longer making money through music. Music is my passion and even if it does not put food on my table, I would continue to pursue my passion. Music is something I can do for free. If it pays my bills fine, but if it doesn’t, I would still continue to do music. They have not heard the last of my political sojourn; come 2019, I would contest again.
“My new album would be out before the first quarter of 2016 ends. I am not sure if I would feature any A-list artiste but I would surprise my fans. I would be experimenting on new sounds. I would do things that people do not think I can do. I will also be singing about my experience in politics.”(1960chick)

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