Sunday, December 27, 2015

here's the most comprehensive report on how Donkey Cartel died,be the first to know!

DOnkey Cartel dead
Aspiring rapper Donkey Cartel was shot and killed by a police officer during a mall confrontation on Christmas Eve.
WSBTV reported that Cartel, whose real name is Daquan Antonio Westbrook, was shot at the Northlake Mall in North Carolina after pointing a gun at an off duty police officer.
According to Urban island,Donkey Cartel was pronounced dead at the scene.
and that the actual cause of his death is.
...“Five guys started fighting, two of them ran out of the store when the third guy came out of the store he,Cartel then pulled out a gun,” one eye witness said. “Officer stepped up, said put your gun down, instead of him putting down the gun,he then  turned around and opened fire.”
Sources say the shooting was in retaliation to another shooting at the same mall on Thanksgiving where Donkey Cartel’s brother was shot and injured.
The up-and-coming rapper had a lengthy criminal record prior to his death that includes 11 arrest including one for shooting a 12-year-old boy.
His music career includes two mixtapes including one titled Convicted Felon With a Weapon. He was popular in the North Carlina hip hop scene.

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