Friday, December 25, 2015

This lookalike between Taylor Swift's 21-year-old lookalike cousin is making us think,they're identical twins

Taylor Swift's 21-year-old lookalike cousin Taylor Rae
There's no shaking off this lookalike!
Taylor Swift (right and center), 21, is the second cousin of the famous Blank Space singer (left). The Maryland native currently attends Oberlin college, where she is studying politics. She recently shared in an interview that she didn't even know that her now-famous cousin existed until she was in fifth grade, before the Grammy winner became a star. They've never met, even though their fathers are first cousins. However, the famous Taylor's parents did bring the younger Taylor backstage at the 1989 tour - which she bought tickets to herself. The college student says that even though she doesn't want tot change her name, she hates constantly having to deal with people's jokes and remarks. you think they're twins or just lookalike?

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