Monday, December 28, 2015

Exclusive:I certainly want to comply with the word....Bishop T.D Jakes responded to his critics over wearing of Ripped jeans to Church

Every preacher has his or her fair share of people waiting for him or her to slip up...And Bishop T.D. Jakes is no exception as he personally responded to a “critic” who questioned a ripped jeans he wore in one of his Instagram photos.
Taking to Jakes’ Instagram page, provided the following commentary....
Bishop TD Jakes was in church yesterday in this ripped jeans.
Only for a ‘concerned’ fan to lash out at him, after Bishop posted the
photos on Instagram, that he is supposed to be leading by example and
not wearing ripped jeans to the altar as it is worldly. Do you see
anything wrong with Bishop Jakes’ attire? Here's how he replied the fan...
of which we assumed he shouldn't have responded,all the same find out his complete statement after the jump

this is not the first time Bishop is encountering this,prior to this he has been confronted over wearing of Diamond rings before in which the accuser says its not a sign of humility for a christian leader to wear diamond rings,this time around its about jeans,so we've got to ask... you think,feel, or are  you of the opinion that it is a sin or  it  is wrong for Bishops to wear ripped Jeans to church?....please comment below...

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