Sunday, November 1, 2015

Inspirational:97-Year-Old Michigan Woman Finally Gets Her Secondary School Certificates (photos)

...What an inspiring story!!!
According to this amazing report from  the US,A 97-year-old woman has received an honorary diploma from a high school in Michigan, 79 yearsafter she was forced to drop out to care for her sick mother.
Margaret Thome Bekema who would have walked with the Catholic Central High School class of 1936 in Grand Rapids, had to drop out in her junior year to care of her cancer-afflicted mother.
Over the summer, her family contacted the school and shared her story, 'Time' reported

Bekema was overwhelmed and burst into tears when she received the honorary diploma in front of her friends and family at Yorkshire and Stonebridge Manor senior community on October 29.
"I don't know how to express my thanks. I'm sorry. I'm just plain chicken," she said.
Bekema has done clerical work for the armed forces and served as a preschool teacher
...congrats to her!..
...this story to inspire all my fellow young boys and girls to look beyond the present situation and challenges in their educational pursuit to strife until you succeed....

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