Saturday, October 24, 2015

Daniel Craig aka James Bond reveals He's left battered with a knee injury during 007 filming fight scene

007 has left me so battered I need a knee op says Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig, 47 (right), has revealed that just because the daring escapades he portrays on screen are fictional, it does not mean he is safe from injury. He said it yesterday how he is set to go under the knife yet again because of a knee injury he picked up while filming a fight scene for Spectre (pictured inset) with the hulking villain Mr Hinx. And this is far from the first time Craig had taken a beating in the line of duty
. The sculpted body that emerged from the sea during 2006's Casino Royale has been repeatedly put through the wringer (shown left) during his nine years as Bond and, with the stunts becoming more breathtaking in each film, the injuries are becoming more serious. But Spectre's knee injury appears to be the most serious knock yet, requiring two sessions of surgery to put Craig back on track. The knee injury threatened to halt filming for six months and push back the release date for the film until 2016, but the actor was determined to work through the pain.
....well done Mr BOND..after all there's no food for lazy man...lolz!
All thesame, we wish you a quick recovery mister

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