Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here's a very fantastic video on How to Choose Colors to Flatter Your Skin Tone....must watch!!!

This is Christmas period,and i know you've done a lot of shopping,just that,The lipstick you just bought looked so divine on the celebrity walking the red carpet, but it makes you look like you're from another a result icon360blog decides to bless you with this amazing tips,the one you can Get the most flattering hues  with....
Step 1: Assess skin tone
Assess your skin tone as either cool or warm. Hold a white sheet of paper up to your face to identify the main color you see in your skin. If you're still confused, put on a white blouse and then a cream-colored blouse. If you look better in the white, you're likely cool-skinned and if the cream one is more flattering, you have a warm skin tone.
See which jewelry tone is most flattering. Silver jewelry will look best against cool-toned skin, while gold jewelry will make warm tones glow.
Step 2,watch this amazing video for more after the cut

....Happy viewing!

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