Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Revealed, the 'hit list' of Britain's most wanted ISIS jihadis,including a woman

Britain's most wanted ISIS jihadi recruiters including Sally Jones, Mrs Terror
Those named on the government list of the most dangerous British recruiters for Islamic State will have their assets frozen and be put on 'no-fly' lists as part of a UN sanction scheme. Government officials said they want to identify IS suspects as a deterrent to others - but it will also be seen as a potential 'hit list' of individuals targeted in drone strikes. Those named are believed to be leading figures calling for home grown terrorist attacks rather than frontline fighters. (Pictured left to right, the four Britons named on the list: 'Mrs Terror' Sally Jones; Omar Hussain; Nasser Muthana and Aqsa Mahmood.(mailonline)

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