Tuesday, September 29, 2015

18 years old girl, reveals how she was tortured for eight hours by thugs who carried out horrific attack as a 'birthday treat' to one of them

Teenager, 18, reveals how she considered jumping out of an eighth floor window to try and
Summer Gregg, 18, (inset after her attack and main image this week) was spat on, beaten and repeatedly slapped by the trio, who also attacked her with metal chain and forced her to act like a dog as they filmed her ordeal at the Doncaster, South Yorkshire. She was also urinated on, punched in the face and even overheard Jay Blades, 20, James Canning, 20, and 21-year-old Amy Gaines (right, top to bottom) discussing how they would kill her during the degrading assault, which left Miss Gregg with horrendous bruising, a fractured elbow and burst blood vessels in both of her eyes.....
.....What a horrible ordeal! I hope they get what's coming to them. How on earth do people find that sort if thing 'fun'??
but on a serious note,if you're her brother or sister what would your reaction be? lets have your views

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