Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tensions rise in German village where migrants will soon outnumber locals seven to one - as first batch of arrivals moan

Migrants will soon outnumber Sumte locals seven to one
Tensions are rising in the sleepy eastern German village of Sumte, (bottom right) where just 102 people live, but where the population is set to rise by 700 per cent with the arrival of more than 750 migrants in the coming days. Sumte's neo-Nazi local councillor, Holger Niemann, (centre bottom row) warns crime will rise and accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of ignoring 'the 300,000 Germans who are homeless' while giving shelter, cash benefits and food to 'anyone who says they are Syrian'. Niemann, 32, from the far-right UWL party, said the migrants are only interested in claiming €500-a-month benefits. He told MailOnline: 'Today it is 100 refugees, tomorrow there will be another 100 and then another 100.' Sumte, where locals (top protesting) will be outnumbered by migrants by seven to one, was chosen as the site for a sprawling refugee centre because it is has empty government offices, with capacity to sleep 1,000. But the village hasn't gone down well with one refugee who called Sumte boring - adding, 'There's no PlayStation and no TV.'

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