Wednesday, November 4, 2015

That lonely agony of suddenly finding yourself retired - these women reveal

The most TRAUMATIC life change of all is finding yourself retired
The most TRAUMATIC life change of all according to these women is not the menopause or an empty nest, but the lonely agony of suddenly finding yourself retired!!
After dailymail revealed last week how three high-flying women found that retirement was a crushing disappointment, readers wrote in their droves to tell dailymail they felt the same too. They include (top row, left to right) retired legal secretary Chris Walters, 67, from Colchester, Essex, former secretary Rosemarie Smith, 63, from Horsham, Sussex, one-time A&E nurse Jean Walker, 73, from Hull, (bottom row, from left) former university researcher Gwen Marples, 61, from Northumberland, retired community nurse Anne Pinnington, 60, (bottom right) from Leominster, Herefordshire and former customer services assistant Stephanie Field, 61, from Crawley, West Sussex.
And now we we're wondering,does it mean some people want to occupy their offices till death with no space for the upcoming young ones or what?

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