Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Star,Chris Brown hires extra bodyguards to keep daughter Royalty safe in custody bid

Legal causes: Locked in a custody dispute with Royalty's mother, Nia Guzman, Chris (above in May) has been accused of providing an unsafe environment
He's serious!
Chris Brown is not playing around when it comes to the safety of his daughter, Royalty.icon360 learnt that,Over the past few months, Chris and Nia have been embroiled in a custody dispute over the child, who was conceived during a fling between the two...see details after the cut..

According to TMZ, Chris has hired five new bodyguards and has severely limited backstage access at his shows.Because of this, Chris has reportedly insisted that no violence or robberies happen on his tour.
Problems at home: A July 15 home invasion reportedly prompted Nia's concerns - she has primary custody

Family security: Looking to prove he can provide a safe environment for his daughter, Royalty (right), Chris Brown (left) has reportedly increased security for his tour
....I know it might seem excessive but this provides a job for two people. If he pays on time, two people will be able to provide for their family.
It seems like becoming a father has changed Chris for the!

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