Monday, September 7, 2015

15 years old Schoolgirl committed suicide after being put in detention because she refused to tie her hair up

Schoolgirl, 15, was found hanged in her room a day after being handed a detention by
Elizabeth Gresty's body was found in her bedroom a the family home in Sale, Greater Manchester, by her father John, 52, when he went to wake her up for school on the day she was due to be given the detention.According to daily mail report, The 15-year-old Year 11 pupil was said to have been struggling with her GCSE revision at the time of her death and going through a 'teenage phase'. This led to the detention for answering her teacher back and putting make-up on during a lesson at her school, Ashton-on-Mersey High, in Sale, an inquest into her death heard. Recording an open conclusion, Miss Kearsley, the coroner, said: 'We know she was at home and it might have been a cry for help that has unfortunately gone tragically wrong. adding that,There isn't evidence for her to say she intended to end her life.its so unfortunate that,she just passed at the time she's needed most.
...may her soul rest in peace

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