Monday, September 7, 2015

NO WAY!..says Justin Bieber,as he rebuffs fan lawsuit for $50,000 in damages

Sued: Justin Beiber pictured performing in Philadelphia as part of his 2013 Believe tour. Fan Sandy Ricketts has filed a suit claiming $50,000 in damages for injuries she sustained after tripping and falling at the event
Justin Bieber is asking a judge in Philadelphia to toss a lawsuit brought by a fan who is seeking $50,000 in damages after getting hurt at one of the singer's concerts.

Sandy Ricketts, who according to TMZ is from New Jersey, filed legal documents back in July claiming her injuries were caused by tripping over an electric cable that had been left loose.
But the Canadian star's reps have countered that there were no cables lying anywhere around where Ricketts said she was standing.
The accident happened during Justin's 2013 Believe tour concert in Philadelphia.
In the spotlight again: The Canadian singer has been doing the rounds of the TV talk shows to publicize his single. He's pictured with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday
The female concert-goer alleges that the singer and his management are responsible for her injuries that included a broken shoulder, a busted lip that required surgery and a sprained wrist.
But TMZ reports that in their legal response, Bieber's camp say if she hurt herself, it was due to her own actions and the singer bares no responsibility.
The court documents also point out that the fine print on concert tickets says fans assume the risk of injuries when they attend the event.
...but the question is,Did she not have a cell phone with her when it happened? Did she not take a picture as proof? How soon did she report this? Did she get medical attention on scene? These are all questions a lawyer be asking her. She better be prepared to answer.

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