Friday, January 1, 2016

eminent university lecturer reportedly stabbed to death on his London doorstep in broad daylight attack! (photo)

Eminent university lecturer Jeroen Ensink stabbed to death in Holloway
Jeroen Ensink (top), a biologist at the prestigious London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, was killed in an attack outside his home in Holloway, North London, on Tuesday. Passers-by said they saw his killer standing over Dr Ensink's body wielding an eight inch knife, and pointing the weapon at himself as if he planned to stab himself. The man then ran off as bystanders struggled to save the victim's life. Paramedics were unable to help Dr Ensink, 41, and he was later declared dead. Nadja Teich (inset), 37, believed to be Dr Ensink's partner, broke down in tears when contacted today and said she was too upset to talk....
....may his soul rest in peace

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