Tuesday, June 3, 2014

young prodigies on the rise!

DMNA is an upcoming promising team of stars-consisting of 4-bankable and talented Artists namely ;P-MONY,MAYSWIZ,NELS & MAMI-J. This is a fast rising group of young aspiring individuals , filled with so much dedication, talent and hard work. DMNA as a group has been able to put together varieties of songs with every member having a unique part to play.  Established on the platform of inspiration, creativity and hard work, it is a team endowed with talents and a drive to make a name in the industry as vendors of enjoyable music.
DMNA is currently managed by OCHAPA PAUL [P MONY] and currently have a variety of songs which includes: Miss Africa, Good times, Thankful, Hall 13. Miss Africa is in a way, a party banger* a mix of afro beat and fluid creativity, while ‘Thankful’ is a sensational gospel song tat’s indeed intriguing.
All these tracks and more to come have been put together  on a day to day hard work and inspiration to act a trail blazers to the Nigerian music industry…These stars are out to transform  music  from how it used to be to a more unique type never heard before.
On that note I’d like to say to all music promoters and major producers to reckon with these prodigies, for  surely, they are a future prospect to invest in.
Listen to one of the tracks provided below and stay tuned for more:

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