Saturday, January 3, 2015

Believe it or not These are the happiest countries in the world!!!!

According to a survey of 64,000 people across 65 countries,The WIN/Gallup End of Year Survey showed that less-developed nations are much happier than developed ones with
Africa was the happiest region at 83 per cent, followed by Asia on 77 per cent.
In the UK just 49 per cent of people are happy, compared to a global average of 70 per cent.
The top five countries are:

Fiji - 93 per cent of people say they are happy or very happy
Colombia - 90 per cent
Nigeria - 89 per cent
Saudi Arabia - 87 per cent
Philippines - 86 per cent
The bottom five are:

Greece - 25 per cent
Iraq - 31 per cent
Bulgaria - 32 per cent
Hong Kong - 39 per cent
Italy/Romania/Serbia - 41 per cent

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