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We can’t judge, as we don’t know what life is like in Hollywood and being a celebrity superstar. One thing seems certain: there is a lot of action going on in Hollywood and a lot of that action is going on behind-the-scenes, including behind-the-scenes of some wives and girlfriends! There are quite a few secret love children out there in Hollywood and some of these celebrities may shock you when you find out! So, who are some Hollywood celebrities that have secret love children? Well, we compiled a list of 8 celebrities you may not have know about!
- Steven Tyler – This one came out a while ago, but the secret was in the bag for a long time. Actress Liv Tyler is the love child of Steven and model Bebe Buell. Growing up, Liv thought her father was Todd Rundgren (whom her mother said was to protect her from Tyler’s drug addiction at the time). Tyler cleaned up his act and the news came out of who her father actually was and the men met at Liv’s wedding!
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2 – Hugh Grant – Well, it has definitely been a crazy ride for this actor over the past couple years. He is 54 years old and had no children (or so we thought), but then it comes out that he actually has three children and they all happened within a small timeframe of each other! He has two children with Tinglan Hong, but then has a third child with Anna Eberstein, who happened to be pregnant at the same time Hong was pregnant with their second child….and they both live within walking distance from Grant!

3 – Eddie Murphy – Sometimes you can deny, deny, deny and in the end, the truth will always come out. Murphy always claimed that he was not the father of Mel B’s baby. The Spice Girl and America’s Got Talent judge said he was, but after taking a paternity test (and not done on Maury), it was determined that Eddie was the father of her daughter and the truth did come out.
4 – Arnold Schwarzenegger – This one made some big news a few years back, so if you missed it then you should read a little more news in your life. In 2011, Schwarzenegger admitted to his then-wife Maria Shriver that he had fathered a love child with the maid over a decade before that! Needless to say, Shriver filed for divorce and everyone moved on happily ever after.

5 – Gavin Rossdale – If you are Gavin Rossdale, you always have to have your guard up to something fishy, right? He especially knew something was up when he said to Pearl Lowe, the mother of their love child, that if she allowed her daughter to get a DNA test than he would never speak to her again. This happened in 2004 and it was determined that Gavin was the father and not the godfather, like he thought, and he has not spoken to Pearl since!
6 – Owen Wilson – Well, this is a big, hot mess right here! Owen had a love child with his rumored personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist,who got pregnant while she was still married! However, she has come out to deny those rumors and said that she was never the personal trainer to Owen and they were friends and they decided to have a child together because they both wanted one and did not want a relationship. Yeah, sounds fishy to me!


7 – Chuck Norris – I couldn’t do a list about love children and skip over an opportunity to write about Walker, Texas Ranger! This one has a backstory to it, as he did not meet his daughter until she was 26 years old! She wrote him a letter thinking that he was her father and they met and it was confirmed, which was the happenings from an extramarital affair back in the day for Norris.
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8 – Dwyane Wade – This is another big circle of drama! Gabrielle Union, now the wife of Wade, was engaged to Dwyane at the time this big news came out. Wade had a baby with his ex Aja Metoyer, but she was conceived during a time when Gabrielle and Dwyane were broken up. They got back together and are now married and everyone seems happy and focused on living a happy life.

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