Monday, September 21, 2015

is this supposed to be Oshodi or where?...

Hungary reopens border crossing with Serbia as more refugees arrive

contrary to what we thought was a life in Oshodi Lagos,its another of  a kind,but this time in Europe with An unending tide of people climbing to gain entrance into a train as  Hungary reopens its border crossing with Serbia after sealing it for five days leaving as many as astonishing 20,000 refugees  into Austria in just two days
 report said
,They arrived by bus, train and on foot from European countries overwhelmed by the human tide escaping war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Meanwhile at least 39 migrants, including six children, drowned in two boat tragedies off the coast of Turkey. On land, thousands undertaking the gruelling journey in search of a better life in Western Europe continued to arrive at borders in the Balkans. In extraordinary scenes, more than 20,000 crossed into Austria over the weekend - more than the 17,395 who claimed asylum in the country in April to June. Pictured: Migrants desperately try to board a train heading for Zagreb from Tovarnik station in Croatia yesterday (main), and a man uses a cardboard box to carry a baby in the northern Greek village of Idomeni (inset).

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