Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Special Idoma "OKOHO" soup +food festival video,enjoy!

Question number one:has any one eaten one soup from Benue State called OKOHO SOUP?..if you havent,then you are missing,the good thing about this soup is that,its like "ogono soup" but e dey draw like hell?!
Question number two:Did you know,its 2face best soup and me too?....need to share experiences?,let me gist you about the soup;the first day i tried it i was small then though. i had the whole bowl of soup on the floor and on my shirt. talk about stress when eating and you'll find it hundred percent here.don' t get me wrong, the soup is sweet like heaven and i encourage you to try it if you have'nt....are you ready?..then

- 1 medium size stick or stem of Okoho plant
- Dried fish (medium size) preferably dried cat fish
- seeds of fresh pepper(Tarodo)
- Locust beans 2 balls of 2 varieties(dawadawa and iru)
- Egusi(one cup)
- Onions(one medium size)
- A pinch of crayfish
- 2 maggi cubes for seasoning.
- ¼ kilo of beef or dried bush meat.
- Salt

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