Friday, October 23, 2015

OUCH!!! Australian rugby fan is dumped by his girlfriend after Mastercard shared a picture of him celebrating at the World Cup - because he had told her he was only in London 'for work'

Australian rugby fan hits out at Mastercard for posting photo at Rugby World Cup
Australian Matthew Hannibal took to Mastcard's Facebook page on Thursday to thank them for posting the photo of him celebrating last week and effectively ending his relationship. 'Unfortunately I told my girlfriend at the time that I was travelling to London for 'business' and needless to say I am now single,' he wrote. Mastercard responded early on Friday apologising for 'such a dramatic turn of events' and offered him a romantic dinner for two to help get the relationship back on track. Despite Mr Hannibal's post to Mastercard, he took to Facebook several times throughout his time in London to sell extra tickets he had to World Cup matches including Australia vs Wales and Australia vs England. this a good reason for a love break up people?...pls air your views!

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