Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There's big wahala for Turkey right now,find out what Russian Leader Vladmir Putin about to do in less than 24-hours!

Vladimir Putin dispatches warship to Mediterranean after Turkey crisis amid war fears
This is no joke,and it seems like there's another war coming up between these countries!...well,our prayer is ,may it never happen because war is not a good thing!
In our recent coverage courtesy mailonline,icon360blog gathers that Vladimir Putin has broken off any military contact with Turkey in the fight against ISIS and is deploying a warship, with an air defence system, to the Mediterranean Sea. The cruiser will destroy 'any targets representing a potential danger' to Russian forces in Syria, as a leading Moscow military analyst said war was 'most likely'. Britain has up to 12 Typhoon warplanes - designed for air-to-air combat - on standby to support Turkey in any revenge attack by Putin's forces. President Barack Obama also pledged America's support for Turkey following a phone call with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today said the potential repercussions of the incident is 'a matter of great concern'.

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