Friday, December 18, 2015

Say Cheese! check out these women who were said to have spent £50,000 just for a smile

Hayley Bolton spent tens of thousands to get perfect teeth
....These women are far from rich yet they spent tens of thousands to get perfect teeth. Crazy? They swear it transformed their lives!....
Hayley Bolton (right), of Hertfordshire, can't stop smiling. Whether she's in a shop, the street or at work, the 30-year-old secretary admits she's something of a Cheshire cat these days and flashing her smile. For years, she was hugely self-conscious about her discoloured, misshapen teeth and held her hand over her mouth when she talked. Today she boasts a gleaming white, perfectly straight smile - after forking out £50,000

 on dental treatment. This staggering amount meant plundering her life savings, and taking on extra weekend and evening work to supplement her £27,000 secretarial job - but she doesn't regret a thing
 Lora Hubbard, 31, (left) a call centre trainer from Ipswich, feels the same way. She admits she gets 'emotional' thinking about life before dental treatment, which set her back £15,000. And sales executive Jilly Booth, 53, (centre) from Manchester, believes her new teeth are better than any other luxury and are unrecognisable after spending £20,000 on treatment.

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