Wednesday, April 20, 2016

biggest rival gist! They've been arch rivals through 25 years of scandal, wild partying and dodgy boyfriends. So who has survived best, Kate or Naomi?

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell careers through the years
While 42-year-old Kate Moss and 46-year-old Naomi Campbell may be old friends - the two South London girls met on a shoot in Los Angeles in 1992 and have been pals ever since - it's fair to say their 25-year relationship has been marked by a certain rivalry. For their careers have had eerie parallels and a touch of 'anything she can do, I can do better' in terms of their beach bodies, and how well they have aged.thats how brief we want to go about the two,but the question is  So who has survived best among the, Kate or Naomi? .... pls drop your views below

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