Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Real World" Stars -- Then & Now

Eric Nies (New York):

 Eric went on to host "The Grind" on MTV and competed on four "Real World/Road Rules" challenges. He appeared on the 2008 VH1 show "Confessions of a Teen Idol." He turned 42 in May

Heather B. (New York): 

Heather went on to release 3 albums after the show, with her latest CD "Open Bars" dropping in 2010 and reportedly appeared in an AOL virus protection commercial and contributes to the "Sway in the Morning" Sirius show.

Becky Blasband (New York):

 Becky continued to play music and released a few albums and reportedly opened shows for Bon Jovi and Matchbox 20

Norman Korpi (New York):

 Norman produced an independent film called "The Wedding Video," which was released in 2001 and starred "Real World" alums Heather B., Sean Duffy, Rachel Campos, Julie Oliver, Coral Smith. He also did two Challenges

Kevin Powell (New York): 

Powell has published 10 books since "Real World" and unsuccessfully ran for Congress in New York's 10 congressional district three times. He continues his work as an activist.

Andre Comeau (New York):

 Andre is still playing music and currently is a member of the band River Rouge

David Edwards (Los Angeles):

 After being evicted, David continued working as a stand-up comedian. He also appeared in "Scary Movie 3."

Tami Roman (Los Angeles):

 Tami was married to basketball player Kenny Anderson from 1994-2001. She stars on the reality show "Basketball Wives" and is the spokesperson for NV Supplements and Sprinkles

Beth Stolarczyk (Los Angeles):

 Beth couldn't get enough reality TV. After "Real World" she appeared on seven different Challenges. She married Matt Ciriello in 2008. They have at least one daughter together ... if not more

Puck (San Francisco):

 Puck appeared on "Battle of the Sexes," and married his wife Betty during the show. They have two kids. He was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2009, 2011 and again in July 2013. In 2010, he was busted for drunk driving after crashing his car with his son in the passenger's seat

Montana McGlynn (Boston):

 Montana is an acupuncturist in California.

David Burns (Seattle):

 David has worked in an executive capacity for the past 10 years in the media industry. Currently is he is Vice President of Promotional Revenue, Sports and Events for the Los Angeles Times Media Group. He is attending Loyola Marymount University for his Masters in Business and lives in Venice, CA

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