Monday, October 6, 2014

what a sweet couple! Jennifer Lawrence Continues To Be A Supportive Girlfriend For Chris Martin's Musical Endeavors!


They're  a sweet couple!
And a benefit for the lady in this relationship is to get to go to all of her man's shows and know he's singing for her!!!
Chris Martin recently performed at the Hollywood Bowl as a guest singer this past Friday night and Jennifer Lawrence was in the crowd to witness his ah-mazing vocals!
The show's headliners were Kings of Leon but they invited Chris Martin up there and he ROCKED the bowl!

Sources said that Jennifer seemed to be having a WONDERFUL time as she took photos of the show, and generally just seemed really happy!
Which makes us so happy!
The couple, who are believed to have been dating since June, appear to have a rock solid foundation for their relationship!
And that rock solid foundation is solid rock music!!!
Yay for love and supporting those whom you adore!!!
We wonder if Chris Martin will be joining his lady love on any of her film sets to return the favor…
…Although it probably won't be as much fun as a concert is!
Check out Chris singing his head off on Friday night down (below) !!

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