Monday, January 26, 2015

In this 2015,here's The must-have fitness gadgets that could make you fatter!!!

Anna (pictured) was put through different exercises to see if the fitness trackers she were accurate
Loom bands may have been 2014’s bracelet of choice, but take a look around any office, gym, or High Street today and you’ll spot another kind of rubber bracelet.
Unlike the purely decorative loom band, these sleek rubber bands — some with a watch-like face, some just a simple bracelet — have a function.
Acting like mini personal trainers, these high-tech pedometers register calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled and even how well you’ve slept, handily logging all of the data on to an app on your smartphone.
From her testimony,Anna Magee (pictured) has tested out the newest trend seen on joggers and gym-goers across the country. She took on the challenge to see how accurate the fitness bands are. Anna was put to the test at the University of Bath where her activity was measured and the results from the bands were compared
Initally Anna wore all six bands to see the figures they came up with for the same activities, she found the calorie counters varied widely between all six of them
As someone who has become a devotee of the gadgets over the past six months, I didn’t want to believe the stories.
As the editor of the women’s health website, I get sent new health products to test every day.
After a stint trialling the Nike+ FuelBand (£89, — dubbed the A-list fitness accessory by Vogue, no less — I had become obsessive about tracking my calories and steps, and competing with myself to increase my daily activity.
Anna visited the lab of Dylan Thompson, professor of sport, health and exercise science at the University of Bath, where she was measured by his Indirect Calorimetry (IC) machine
But despite my slavish devotion to the technology, even I had begun to have my doubts.
Recently, I was sent another new tracker — the Misfit Shine (£79.95, One day, I wore both the Misfit Shine and the Nike+ FuelBand while doing my regular 30-minute morning workout and 25-minute walk to work.
After a trialling the Nike+ FuelBand, Anna (pictured) become obsessive about tracking calories and steps, and competing with herself to increase her daily activity

But when I arrived at work, I noticed the Misfit Shine said that I’d burned 250 calories more than the FuelBand said I had. I was stunned.
in summary,here's the result....
The results that came back from the experiment showed some areas where there were massive differences between the readings given by the different fitness bands

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