Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10+4 Embarrassing Photos You Won’t Believe Actually Happen
Everyone has been there. You have that moment in your life that is so embarrassing that you just want to crawl into a hole and cease to exist. If it’s possible to die of embarrassment then you could easily achieve that. That one situation that just makes your face turn all kinds of shades of red or purple. Flushed and hot you can’t believe that it’s happening to you right now. Embarrassing moments happen to everyone at various times in your life. You just have to find the humor in it to take a deep breathe, laugh at yourself and move on. These 14 moments were super embarrassing for each of the people involved. Can you see yourself in some of these situations. I bet you can!
 Toilet Paper–  Check this out, you are dressed to the nines. High heels, tight dress, and looking find. You are out with a bunch of friends perhaps, and you go to the powder room to freshen up, but you leave with a little souvenir. Toilet paper trailing down your leg. You don’t look so hot anymore, do you?
The Kiss– You are on a hot date, and it’s going really well. You are at the end of the evening, and you are ready for a good night kiss. You lean in…and nothing. You misread the moment, and she leaves without giving you the goods. Major misread.

Concert Fail– You love a good concert, and you are in the moment. It’s a raging good time, and you decide that now would be the perfect concert surfing time. You take a deep breath, and dive. And nothing. No one is there to catch your wave. Major fail. You slink away to watch from the sidelines.

Don’t Be, Just Don’t–Don’t be the drunkest girl at the party getting ready to do the conga line. You’ll never look cool, and someone will inevitably get a photo to post on Facebook of your goofy drunken state.
The Cheater– If you are in a situation where you are taking up with someone who you shouldn’t be with, and you get caught and have to climb out the window of a ten story building. Dude, you are screwed. You might as well jump.
Can’t Beat Your Feet– When you get right down to it, no one’s feet are that pretty. No one’s. So don’t feel too bad about your corns, and hammertoes.

The Plane Ride– You will never sit by anyone good on a plane, especially in coach. Man up, put on your headphones, and try not to be bothered by the mouth breather next to you with the tuna fish sandwich.
Fat Man In a Little Chair- If you are on the beach with your friends, and you see a fat man stuck in a chair. Just help him get out of it. It’s the nice thing to do.
Cooking lunch- She knew she would need a snack eventually.
Flying Peeing Dog- These karate moves are awesome!
Diapers and skirts- New fashion statement
Flexible man
Is she a little too old to be sitting on Santa’s lap?
Must be a tasty morsel hiding in there!

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