Sunday, March 1, 2015

Make ups in march special....New season, new makeup trends for the!

These are the cosmetic looks that stepped out on the season catwalk
The month of march is here as such we're to step up our good look as beauty queens, so why not turn over a new leaf with your makeup and take some inspiration from the looks that were seen strutting their stuff on the season catwalks? Get on-trend with the latest looks for lips, eyes and cheeks all on icon360blog as we launch you into a realm of splendid living:
Brows are back

Eyebrows are taking centre stage again. Emphasise the way the eye is framed, paying special attention to brows to ensure a flawless finish for face and makeup. For that catwalk look, we recommend using powders and pencils specifically designed to define and fill, making the brows look full and natural, powerful but well defined and tidy, never ragged or straggly.

The eyes have it

This fall it's back to a retro look, framing eyes with monochromatic-effect makeup, precision lines and heart-stopping lashes. Take your inspiration from the looks that Anna Sui, Stella McCartney and Bottega Veneta put on the cat-walk this season. And to help you get real retro glam, we recommend Max Factor's Liquid Effect Pencil and False Lash Effect mascara.
Spring-fresh cheeks for autumn

Set off a fresh, light, minimal look by highlighting cheek contours in subtle shades. Apply blusher in shades of pink, peach or taupe and use cream rather than powder to achieve a more natural look. Apply colour in a sweeping C down from the cheekbone to surround the entire cheek, or start from the temple for an even more glamorous effect.
For lips, it's all or nothing

Looks for lips this season are at both ends of the spectrum, with both natural nude effects and full-on colour. On the catwalks, J. Mendel and Givenchy favoured the less-is-more effect, while elsewhere lips were emphasised by combining layers of different colors of same intensity and brightness, making mouths an eye-catching focal point of colour.

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