Sunday, March 1, 2015

Exclusive!...It’s my sister’s birthday!!!

It’s my sister’s birthday today!! Whoop!! My darling lil sister Gabrielle is a year older today ( and in case Gabby's birthday’ didn't get you jumping with glee, lol)  it does to me and I’m so excited she’s alive and well, and happy, and she's doing greatly well in one of the best Universities in the world-Covenant University

 You better believe it that Gabrielle is a chemical engineer coming up to becoming the best in the world and am damn serious about it!..

once again,Happy birthday lil sister Gabrielle, (ANGELIE)  welcome to a new year full of God’s blessings and favor and love and grace and peace and happiness and plenty money and good health and joy and promotions and fulfillment and more of Heaven on Earth lifestyle(remember you are a chosen Generation)!
oh yes!....for the cake drinks and all the jollifications involved you're all enjoin to be in the Chapel this evening by 6:30 pm CAT there and then you'll know how old she is....don't be left-out of the groove coz its going to be wow!..

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