Tuesday, September 8, 2015

checkout this Record-breaking splits by 'limbo queen'

Amazing feat: Kaitlyn rolled under 23 limbo bars spread over 12 feet to break the world record when she was 11-years-old
Kaitlyn Conner, 19, from Blue Springs in Missouri, set a world record for the longest backwards limbo skating in 2008 - rolling under 23 limbo bars spread over 12 feet. Starting out at just a toddler at Watson's Rolladium SK8 Centre - the very same rink where her mother Victtoria skated as a child - Kaitlyn's passion for skating grew, and she had perfected roller limbo by the time she was four-and-a-half.more photos below

Getting older: Kaitlyn said she doesn't skate as much anymore, but she noted that she still loves it 

Still got it: Kaitlyn explained that she must have 'pretty good' muscle memory because she can still do splits on skates even though she no longer practices her trick 

Tough training: Keeping her goal in mind, Kaitlyn stretched every day until she perfected her splits 

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