Thursday, September 10, 2015

there's going to be extra year for all UNILAG final year students..find out why!!!!

The management of the University of Lagos has shut down the university following protests  by the students after the shocking death of a 300 level student from electrocution on Tuesday.
The student, Oluchi Anekwe as said to be a proactive student in class. She died after she was electrocuted near Madam Tinubu Hall. Oluchi was a student of Accounting and a first class student.
Eyewitnesses say the protest lasted for more than six hours leading to blockage of the University’s main gate. As a result entrance in and out of the school was denied....meaning

,the supposed final year student will be running out of time as they are supposed to be having classes to ensure their glorious exit some times next far we don't know how soon the school will be reopened and even if they do,it will be difficult for most of the students to meet up,especially the science students whose projects have alot to do with research and Lab.
The protesters carried placards singing solidarity songs and shut down the main entrance of the school while the school Vice Chancellor Professor Rahaman Bello later came to address them and said the incident was not the fault of the school but that of power distribution company.

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