Tuesday, December 15, 2015

has he gone too far? guy shares video of himself repeatedly pranking his glamour model girlfriend, from shoving ice cream in her face to pushing her in a river

Shammi shares video on Facebook of himself pranking his girlfriend
A new video has emerged demonstrating how to lose your girlfriend - and outrage the internet. 
An Australian 'entertainer', Shammi, has been criticised after sharing a video of himself pranking his unsuspecting glamour model girlfriend. He is seen pushing her into a garden (right) and later, into a river (centre). He is also seen cracking an egg in her face, shoving an ice cream cone on her face (left) and pushing her into a group of strangers.The pair have defended the video on Facebook, saying it is all 'fun and games', but many have labelled it 'pathetic' and 'disrespectful'.
.....has he gone too far for doing so?

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