Tuesday, December 15, 2015

migrants arriving in Norway had mobile phones containing images of executions, severed heads and dead children, police reveal

Syrian refugees in Norway had execution images on mobile phonesSyrian refugees in Norway had execution images on mobile phones
Norwegian police found 'hundreds' of images of brutal violence and executions on phones of asylum-seekers entering the country, amid growing fears that ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis. Experts pointed out that there are innocent reasons as to why the asylum-seekers would have the images on their phones, such as using them as evidence of the horrors they have seen in their own countries. But at least three of the terrorists in the attacks in Paris last month have been revealed to have disguised themselves as refugees in order to enter Europe. Pictured: Migrants arrive at a refugee centre in northern Norway (top) and a masked ISIS fighter prepares to execute a blindfolded man accused of being a sorcerer (bottom).mailonline

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