Saturday, January 2, 2016

Britain's most unlikely jihadi was jailed for life - to the anguish of her middle-class parents..find out how it all began Here!!

'Silent Bomber' Sana Ahmed-Khan jailed for life to the anguish of her parents'Silent Bomber' Sana Ahmed-Khan jailed for life to the anguish of her parents on earth did a girl like this retorted to join ISIS in killing fellow human being?
Sana Ahmed-Khan was among the ‘Class of 2013’ who graduated from the University of Greenwich. She was going to be a teacher, she announced, and few doubted that she would achieve her ambition.
Sana, 24, was not only bright (she got a 2:1 degree in English Literature) but she had a nice way about her. Everyone said so: relatives, family friends and neighbours.
She was the third of the ‘Khan girls’ to go to university and was a credit to her parents. Or so it seemed. Their mother, a magistrate and charity leader, was well known in their home town of Reading, Berkshire.yet She and her husband Mohammed Rehman were planning to attack London
The pair planned to kills dozens of people in Westfield or the underground
Sana Ahmed-Khan (right), 24, tried to convince the judge that she was coerced into planning a 7/7 anniversary attack in London by her husband, Mohammed Rehman (left). But she has been sentenced to 25 years in prison - the longest sentence ever handed to a female terrorist in Britain!!!!
....But the real mystery in the case is how a middle-class girl from a moderate Muslim family was transformed into an extremist ready to kill for ISIS's cause.

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