Tuesday, January 5, 2016

see what happened to this woman after she hires out her £500,000 one-bed London flat on Airbnb for New Year's Eve

Putney Airbnb tenant throws New Year's party and trashes home
Christina McQuillan, 31, and partner Henry, also 31, decided to rent out their £500,000 one-bedroom apartment in Putney, south west London, for the night while they attended a party. But they were left with a hefty bill after their home was trashed by around 100 drunken revellers who stole items, damaged the flooring and even ripped the TV off its brackets.they were so disturbed to the point The panicked couple called police and made their way towards the building to find dozens of people wandering in and out of their flat...the whole thing left their home trashed and messed as a couple were seen having sex on their matrimonial bed while another man looked on.to make the whole thing worse, at the moment,their flooring had been ripped up, the walls kicked and scratched and there was rubbish strewn throughout the flat...the funniest part of the story was, Someone had even stolen a knife from their kitchen drawers...
...but wait see a minute,if you were these people what would your reaction be?

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