Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Simon Danczuk is being investigated for RAPE by ex-wife Karen's brother-police says

Police launch rape investigation into Simon Danczuk
 Right about now,Lancashire Police has launched a rape investigation into campaigning Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who was,and has been suspended from the Labour Party, after receiving a complaint dating back to 2006. Mr Danczuk, who has campaigned against child sex abuse, was suspended from the Labour Party last week after being caught sending explicit texts to a 17-year-old. But after admitting to a long-term drink problem, he remained bullish about his future in politics yesterday and vowed to carry on as an MP. Despite a protest in his own constituency, he said he was 'quietly confident' he would not be expelled from Labour because his 'one or two foolish' mistakes didn't warrant it. However, today it emerged Lancashire Police had started an inquiry into serious sexual allegations after a complaint was made to them.
....Do you think he would win?(mailonline)

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