Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thief caught in Canada after shooting at customers at Kenaston gas bar, then later police in Transcona

No one was hurt, but eastbound Regent Avenue was shut down in two places Saturday morning after a robbery on Kenaston Avenue went wrong.
A source with knowledge of the scene says it started at about 3:40 a.m. at the Petro-Canada station on Kenaston Avenue when a man entered the store and tried to rob the clerk. The man, who had a gun, reportedly fired shots at the clerk and at customers inside the store before fleeing in a vehicle.
The clerk called police with a licence plate number, said the source, which came up stolen. A city-wide search by police saw the vehicle spotted a while later on Regent Avenue.

Police gave chase and the man apparently fired several shots at officers from the stolen car while fleeing down Regent Avenue eastbound. The driver eventually turned around westbound on Regent Avenue before speeding down Lagimodiere Avenue northbound.
No one was hurt
The man then went west on Springfield until it dead ended. At this point, says the source, the man ditched the stolen car and was snagged by the K9 unit.
The man was taken to hospital with injures from dog bites, said the source.
Winnipeg police confirmed no details Saturday morning other than a robbery and an investigation and tweeted out that eastbound Regent Avenue was blocked off, including Owen Street to Starlight Drive, and Plessis Road to Moroz Street.
Const. Jason Michalyshen says more details will be forthcoming Saturday.

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