Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This is icon360blog's Men’s Fashion Trends For the happening guyz...look and become!!!

Top 6 Mens Fashion Trends From Spring Racing Carnival 2015-7213
It has to be said that the monopoly that women once held over trackside fashion now faces some formidable competition from the opposing gender who now claim their share of the spotlight. This continued growth in confidence now sets the scene for the extravaganza that plays out on the world and 
 If ever there was a time for men to shine in sartorial splendour, it’s at this year only on icon360fashions see proofs after the jump for more hot guys fashions...

#1. Window Check:The window check in particular was styled in either the classic two piece suit or mismatched separates.
Window check mens fashion trend

#11.Satorial Mismatch:This is known as the limitless styling options!
Satorial Mismatch mens fashion trend
#111.Return of the Waistcoat:waistcoat has seen a resurgence in popularity this year
Waistcoat mens fashion trend

#1v Tie Me Up:Ties were generally wider this season with the slim tie and bow tie taking a second row seat. Winning looks included college stripes, jacquard and knitted ties.
Tie mens fashion trends

#V Panama and Fedora Hats:Panama hats and fedoras enjoyed enduring popularity with the boater hat being the new kid on the block.
Mens hats fashion trends
....If ever there was a time for men to shine in sartorial splendour, it’s now,right now!!!!

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